Leah Parisian, LCSW

Certified Body Trust® Provider

Ethical Statement

My mission - as a grateful and dedicated member of the Health At Every Size® community - is to offer a path for wholeness and embodiment to all people who have been harmed by diet culture, as well as those impacted by problematic substance use, depression, anxiety, and the stresses inherent to daily living in our current culture.

I provide psychotherapeutic services as a path to healing. I acknowledge you as your own best expert, and will serve you as someone who will be a good listener, validating, and a catalyst for reaching new perspectives and thought horizons by partnering with you in your healing process. I believe in your inherent strength and abilities and have respect for all that has led you to this very moment in seeking support.

My ethical principles are rooted in social justice with a foundation in Health At Every Size® (HAES) principles, the Association for Size Diversity And Health (ASDAH) guiding values, Body Trust®, Harm ReductionNational Association of Social Workers (NASW) Ethics, Feminist Theory, and Queer Theory. As with many who enter therapeutic professions, my education in clinical social work was centered in psychodynamic theory and its offshoots, however I have worked diligently to align my practice to better reflect ethical principles of social work, the above-noted organizations and areas of study, and will continue to work to do so. My clinical approach is based in post-modernist values that are respectful and center your experience, knowledge, and strengths.

I believe that all bodies are worthy, that YOU are worthy, regardless of size, gender identity or expression, sex assigned at birth, who you find physically or emotionally attractive, age, ability, class, race, culture, religion, or national origin. Harm is done every day in the aforementioned forms of oppression - not to forget substance stigma - by the cultural centering of those who are thin, cis, white, able-bodied, unaware of their privileges, and unwilling to work to decenter themselves.

I welcome all who seek healing from diet culture and/or who have been affected by problematic substance use and related psycho-social challenges. My offering to you in our partnership is a brave space for your story and experiences. That brave space includes my awareness of how my intersectional identities and privilege as a white, cis, thin, female informs my life-perspective and clinical work. As such I acknowledge that I will misstep at times and thus am dedicated to the principle of humility, acknowledging, correcting course, and making a lifelong commitment to continual personal and professional learning and growth.

Equity Pricing

In line with my ethical foundations and commitment to diversity and inclusion, I recognize the economic impacts of oppression, and thus offer equity pricing. Those who can pay full price create more capacity for more people to receive services.

Working for Diversity and Inclusion

I stand for diversity and inclusion with an ongoing commitment to learning and improving in my therapeutic practice to uphold the ethical principles set forth above.